From Seekers to Finders


“In this eagerly awaited follow-up to his best-selling From Onions to Pearls, Satyam Nadeen shares with us how this Shift is affecting all “seekers” who have an intense longing to finally go “home” and know the thoughts of God. After interviewing many thousands of awakening ones in Satsang intensives around the world, Nadeen has found that there is now emerging a clear pattern in his explanation of what actually happens when seekers become finders.

And most important of all, This Shift is happening right now!”



“From Seekers to Finders”
By Satyam Nadeen

Nadeen’s first book, From Onions to Pearls, dealt primarily with his own personal experience of awakening from the human predicament. This was a third-dimensional perspective of life that is conditioned by identification with whatever the mind projects as real. Something happened to him that effortlessly “Shifted” him right into the fourth dimension where, free from identity with the mind, an abiding sense of Presence sees through the illusion of free will and being a separate doer.

In this book, he shares with us how this Shift is affecting all “seekers” Satyam Nadeen who have an intense longing to finally go “home” and know the thoughts of God. But the problem with becoming a “finder” is that the reality is buried under the confusion of thousands of years of concepts around the whole idea of enlightenment. Does anyone out there really know what they’re talking about? After interviewing many thousands of awakening ones in Satsang intensives around the world, Nadeen has found that there is now emerging a clear pattern in his explanation of what actually happens when seekers become finders.

Most important of all, This Shift is happening now!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Awakening
Chapter 2: The Main Ingredients of Awakening
Chapter 3: The Shift in Mainstream Spirituality
Chapter 4: Occam’s Razor
Chapter 5: The Greatest Secret of the Shift
Chapter 6: Mangoes and Enlightenment
Chapter 7: The Satsang Circle
Chapter 8: Does Anyone Really Know What Enlightenment Is?
Chapter 9: The Myth of Enlightenment
Chapter 10: Myth: Enlightenment Is a Peak Experience
Chapter 11: Myth: Enlightenment Is Bliss
Chapter 12: Myth: Enlightenment Comes Through a Guru and Spiritual Disciplines
Chapter 13: Myth: Enlightenment Will Be the End of All My Troubles
Chapter 14: Myth: Enlightenment Is an Absolute Norm When Describing an Awakened Person
Chapter 15: Myth: When I Am Enlightened, I Can Manifest Reality with My Mind
Chapter 16: Myth: Loss of Personal Identity
Chapter 17: Myth: Pet Peeves
Chapter 18: Myth: Sex After the Shift
Chapter 19: Myth: Unrecognized As a Saint
Chapter 20: Myth: The Longing for God
Chapter 21: Myth: It’s Too Simple and Easy to Be True!
Chapter 22: Just As It Is
Chapter 23: The Laws of Energy That Run This World of Appearance
Chapter 24: The Law of Karma
Chapter 25: The Law of Desire
Chapter 26: The Law of Love
Chapter 27: The High-Five Encounter
Chapter 28: Interview: Shifting Without Effort
Chapter 29: The Wisdom of the Ashtavakra Gita


Whenever an author’s first book is successful, there is usually a publisher’s request for a sequel. However, most sequels seem like the “same old same old,” just somewhat rehashed in a new format. However, if I have to discipline myself and spend all the time it takes to get a whole book together, then I’d better say something new and exciting and add to the original message. I believe that I am now at that precise point in this evolving “seeker to finder” message.

When From Onions to Pearls came gushing through my pen, I was still in a federal penitentiary at the very beginning of my own wake-up call, still in the bliss-ninny stage of my rapture. The only words available to me were those that described my own personal waking-up experience. Maybe that was interesting to some seekers, but what if this was only an isolated event, brought on by harsh, violent, inhuman prison conditions that crush the ego but are totally unavailable to the ordinary seeker? What about the normal seekers who don’t live in these extremes? How do they wake up? This book addresses those individuals.

But first, let me bring you up to speed by sharing my personal story. Onions was first published in August of 1996, the very month I was released from the penitentiary. Before I had completed my required six months of halfway house confinement, the second 5,000 copies were printed, and since then there have been two subsequent printings. But that first printing found its way into the hands of seekers already moving imperceptibly into this fourth-dimensional Shift before they had even read the book (I define the Shift in chapter 1). This in turn created a network of energy vortexes in cities throughout the world where I was invited to facilitate three-day weekend intensives, once I was allowed to travel. In fact, the very weekend I was released from the halfway house, we started in Santa Fe and have averaged three out of four weekends per month ever since all over the globe.

Now, here is the sequel worthy of writing! This is a feedback sequel, generated from the thousands of other seekers who have been sharing their own experience in countless Satsang circles (where two or more seekers gather to share their sacred truth). An incredible source of new information is now available to relay to you. The first book was about my wake-up—no big deal! This book, however, will grab your interest big-time because it is the first book I am aware of that openly shares what is really happening right now in the so-called Millennium Shift, which was foretold by not only Buddha, but also the Mayan and Hopi Indians. Part of this sharing involves dealing with the outrageous and very funny concepts that virtually all seekers have about what it means to be “awake” or “enlightened” these days as they get swept away by the force of this Shift.

We had fun together in Onions, and maybe it got you wondering about old, worn-out concepts such as karma, reincarnation, free will, creating your own reality, and so on. It may even have opened you up to the possibility of a pathless, goal-less, do-nothing-to-self-realize attitude and understanding about your life and why you are even here to begin with. It’s time to move on, with your trusty field guide and investigative reporter here bringing you the warming and wonderful facts about everyone else’s transition from having both feet in the third dimension to having one foot move into the fourth. And that is an interesting report to write!


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