Satyam Nadeen

Living in Freedom

Learn what spiritual awakening can be—and has been—for acclaimed lecturer and author of the best-selling books From Onions to Pearls and From Seekers to Finders, Satyam Nadeen.

His personal journey was unique and helps shake up your sense of reality and debunk the need for gurus. During his stimulating and life-changing weeklong intensives at Pura Vida Retreat in Costa Rica, be prepared to “shift” consciousness from the third to the fourth dimension.

Aloha, I’m reading your book and last night, damn if I didn’t get it. By God, I get it!!! It’s all so laughable. I don’t write poetry, I don’t write anything, but this came to me:

I’m not source, but object
not doer, but player
It’s all so laughable.

I’m God presence
frolicking the leela

Wrong or right is the melody
good, bad, beautiful, and ugly
are the versus

And the beat goes on!

I see souls not roles
eternal companions
changing partners
as we doe se doe
to the plan.

I once saw lack
now I see the Kingdom of God,
I am that.

Dancing the leela
just sway to the rhythm
clap the beat and scream,
“I am original innocence.”


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